Cat Genie – External Fan Connector

Posted: 10th May 2010 by Jason in Automation
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I recently put the Cat Genie Automatic Litterbox in a custom made cabinet, But the moisture during the drying cycle was a problem – So I installed a bathroom fan in the cabinet. This fan was controlled by a motion sensor – but it was not the best. So tonight I voided yet another warranty and installed a External Fan connection on the Cat Genie 120.

Here is how you do it…

  1. Remove the 4 Screws, You will need a very long screwdriver like mine, Remove and then remove the rear cover.
  2. Locate the Fan and its wires, right near the top.  2.5 locate a suitable power connector
  3. There was just barely enough room here for the connector – There is more room where the label is on the back.
  4. Make a hole – I used a jigsaw.
  5. Solder the wires to the fan wires – Insulate using standard best practices.
  6. Install Firmware update cable. (optional)
  7. Put it all back together and admire your handiwork.

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