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Here’s some clips of video I took during the final assembly of the Lincoln Navigator Running board rebuild and installation procedure.

Our 2003 Lincoln Navigator Power running boards were rusted so badly that the metal Swoll up and the running boards would bind.

Since I was already painting the truck, I decided now is a good time to rebuild them. I went ahead and took them off, dismantled them and cut off the mounting plates from the bottom of the original Running board assembly.

Then with the help of my good friend Todd, I welded new running boards from 1 1/2 inch angle iron. We welded the mounting plates from the original running boards to the bottom of the new Running board we built, but we had some problems aligning the pins so they fit into the arms perfectly. It took a little work with a hammer to get them straight.

I then painted them up with acid etch primer, and bolted them up to the truck and instead of bolting the covers on I used urethane windshield adhesive to glue the covers to the top of the new boards.

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