Custom Cabinet for Cat Genie 120

Posted: 10th April 2010 by Jason in Automation
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We recently bought the Cat Genie 120 from

I have no real complaints (that custom firmware will not solve). But my big problem is that the best place to install the unit, is the worst place to put this thing.

You see, you need to connect it to water and sewer. The laundry room is no good because there is a water heater next to the washing machine on one side and the furnace on the other. In addition, the door to that room would need to be left open all the time.

The best place for the installation would be in our home theater (on the other side of the wall),  but who wants to see a cat litter box in there?

So I built a cabinet with false doors and drawers, and put it in there. The doors can be lifted out for maintenance and the drawer faces are solid, except for one which swings and returns to closed with a rubber band.  Keen readers will note that humidity in this small area would be a problem, so I installed a bathroom fan and ran the vent outside. It’s on a motion timer right now, but I intend to fix that soon.

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